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Super Bowl Sunday is nearly as holy and festive as Christmas and Easter to many men … if not to most men. Getting men interested, yet alone involved, in church is one of the most difficult tasks facing the church. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris step gingerly onto this sacred ground to share what’s working … and what’s not … in reaching men today.

In most congregations, the rarest participant is a young male. In some churches, these are almost an endangered species, if it isn’t extinct already. However, it’s not that guys don’t have a spiritual side to them … they do. But there are a number of reasons why they eschew church. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris explore why men don’t do church and what to do about it. 

Doing Men’s Ministry Getting a good men’s ministry going in one of the most difficult and fruitless ministries around. Too often, men’s groups do little more than have breakfast, cook the Easter Sunrise Pancake Feed, and take care of the Read more…

You may have noticed the slew of books that have been released over the past year or two on why men don’t do church. And though there are a lot of reasons why they don’t, it’s not a new problem. Read more…