September 17, 2019

What To Do When … Kids Hate Church

What To Do When … Kids hate Church Let’s be honest. Little ones have little use for adult worship. They don’t understand the words to the songs, let alone the ones coming out of the preacher’s mouth. The prayers and the announcements are meaningless to their lives … they don’t even know Robert who’s in […]

Hospitality Like Disney

Hospitality Like Disney. Virtually anyone who’s ever visited Disneyland/world can attest that the Magic Kingdom is sometimes a lot more hospitable than the local church’s model of the Kingdom of God. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris offer concrete tips to ratchet up your congregation’s hospitality. With special guest Christopher W. Perry, the author of Church Mouse: Leadership Lessons from the Magic Kingdom.

Make a Lasting Impression: Power Pointers

Make a Lasting Impression: Power Pointers Screen technology is no longer a novelty and a majority of churches have adopted some sort of projection during worship. Unfortunately, the Digital Age largely hasn’t caught up with most church screens and for too many churches would do just as well with an inexpensive overhead projector with acetate […]

Intergenerational Worship

In our current cultural climate, it makes a lot of sense to focus worship services on a basic generational target. Kid’s worship, youth worship, young-adult/seeker worship, boomer worship, traditional worship for seniors, etc. But that’s not an option for even a majority of churches. This week, Drs. Kris and Bill explore how to lead effective intergenerational worship for those churches that have limited options.

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