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The stats are in and they’re not pretty. 53% of US Churches have not yet reached their pre-COVID numbers (Hartford Research, 2024) and 66% of US Churches are in some state of decline. And to that the recent report that Read more…

Artificial Intelligence is here … and it looks like it’s here to stay. But is that a GOOD thing, especially in the church? Rumors are that some pastors are letting the “godless” cloud-based computers to write their sermons for them. Read more…

Ever walked into a church that felt more like a battlefield than a sanctuary? You’re not alone. Debilitating conflict can turn any congregation into a spiritual war zone, leaving members disheartened and leaders burnt out. But what if there was Read more…

Need some deep and meaningful God-Time and don’t know where to start? In this episode, Drs. Kris and Bill have a lively conversation about how to design your own personal spiritual retreat. Podcast Version