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Introducing the FlipMyChurch Plan (new name for the W5H plan!!) Church transformation is not a walk in the park. In fact, the process can be the most arduous, strenuous, stressful task you take on in the next year. Unless … you have a process that begins where the beginning really is. In this episode, Dr. Kris will introduce you to the tool she’s written to help congregations throughout Northeast Missouri to engage the transformation process successfully. 

The Games Congregations Play – Or Need to Be The congregations that play together stay together. How well and how often does your congregation play together?  In this episode Drs. Bill and Kris will offer hints for helpful play and fortuitous Read more…

Is there such a thing as a "sick" congregation? Can a congregation be "terminally ill?" Drs. Kris and Bill move past diagnosis this week to talk about church health, fitness, and congregational longevity. With Guest Bill Easum.   [product-description productid=”1885″] Read more…