September 17, 2019

Introduction to “Our” Church & New Member Training

Introduction to “Our” Church & New Member Training There are many tools that help connect prospective members into the church. The most effective tool is, of course, making a personal friend within the congregation. But the second most effective tool may be the Introduction to “Our” Church class. Unfortunately, too many churches run the class […]

Making Friends Beyond Church: A How-To Primmer

Making Friends Beyond Church: A How-To Primmer One of the reasons long-term church members are ineffective in the inviting-people-to-church ministry is that for the most part, over the years, they’ve already invited everyone they know. Fact is, the same holds true for most pastors as well. To be true to the Great Commission, we have […]

Helping Visitors Take the Next Step

HELPING VISITORS TAKE THE NEXT STEP You’ve ratcheted up your hospitality, so your first time visitors are returning, but what’s next? Studies show that if a guest hasn’t developed significant relationships within the church within six to nine months, odds are you’ll lose them. How can you help these returning guests get connected into your […]

The Fellowship Myth: The Church as Clubhouse

Some churches have “fellowship suppers” every month. Other’s offer all manner of fellowship opportunities to foster relationships between members. And yet, just because there is a lot going on, doesn’t mean fellowship and connections are happening. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris explore the fellowship myth and what to do if your congregation is only fooling itself.

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