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Reading the Bible Aloud: Help It Come Alive

Reading the Bible Aloud: Help It Come Alive
Over the years, while attending literally thousands of church worship services, we’ve found ourselves too often inwardly cringing when the scriptures get read aloud. We’ve heard the monotone drone that goes on and on and on; endured punctuation cremation as if there were no commas or periods … or extra commas and periods; metaphorically pounded our heads against the wall while listening to pronunciation fixation where the reader tries over and over again to correctly say Shibboleth; and of course the unheard undeterred missed word as the reader overlooks the “not” in the “thou shalt” or skips a whole line and then gets all flustered, embarrassed,  bursts into tears, and runs off the platform in shame. Okay, the last one is a bit of an overstatement … we’ve never seen anyone run off of the platform, but we’ve experienced all the rest.

In this episode, Drs. Kris and Bill offer a short course on how to prepare and read the scriptures effectively in public worship. This is an invaluable session for clergy and laity alike. In addition, use this episode annually to train your lay readers.