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If someone who’d never been to church before – who didn’t have a clue about Jesus and his call to discipleship – if they showed up at your church on Sunday, how would you help them to move from a Read more…

Jesus didn’t say, “Go ye therefore and make converts.” He said we’re to make disciples … followers who are willing to drop their very livelihoods in order to faithfully follow Jesus – if that’s what it takes. But the discipleship Read more…

There’s more to developing faith than listening to sermons and reading a book. And though there’s been a lot of talk about mentoring for spiritual development, there’s a paucity of how-to information. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris tackle the tough task of helping faith take root and bloom.

The Leadership Covenant: And Why Churches Need One In many churches, leaders are recruited using the 2W Principle: Are they Willing and do they have a Warm Body. Then the church wonders why it can’t get these leaders to get Read more…