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Leadership in the Mid-Size Church. John Maxwell rightly said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” But it takes more than reading a couple of leadership books to effectively lead the medium sized church. This week, Drs. Kris and Bill explore what it takes to be a leader in today’s mid-sized church. This episode previews portions of Bill T-B and Bill Easum’s book Effective Staffing for the Vital Church.

Contrary to popular opinion, the pastor is not the only evangelist. In fact, evangelism belongs to everyone in the congregation. This week Drs. Kris and Bill will help offer tried and true tips for helping your congregation move into "the fields" and participate in God’s harvest.

Breaking Barriers: Breezing Through 100 In honor of Net Results magazine’s 30th Anniversary Issue (www.NetResults.org), Drs. Kris and Bill are presenting the third in a five part series on breaking church size transitions. This week’s episode will explore breezing through the 100 barrier. Read more…