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The first process for growing your church is to effectively invite people who are outside of the church to come and check you out. Whether you’re inviting to worship online, worship in person, a Sunday school class, or a Friday Read more…

Of the four processes that grow churches, the invite process tends to get a lot of attention. The reality is, if you don’t get prospective participants dropping into your church’s activities, including worship, then any thought of church growth is Read more…

Want to grow your church exponentially? Want to know the number one secret of fast growing churches? Wish you had mega bucks so you could become a mega church, or at least a larger church than you are? Then this is the episode for you. Drs. Bill and Kris will share how you can make it easy, or at least a lot easier, for your members to invite their friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone else.

Barbeque First – Effectively Inviting Your Neigbors to Church Mark Mittelberg said it first in Becoming a Courageous Christian and we’ve been saying it ever since: "Barbeque first." That’s a shortcut code for "If you’re going to invite your neighbor to church, build Read more…