Thursday, 30 May, 2024

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Get Found Online

We were thinking about going to church while on vacation in Columbus, Ohio one week. We had no idea where we wanted to go, so we turned to our friend Google. We typed in three search terms: Columbus, Ohio and Church. We ended up at RockCity.US because … they were the at the top of the search and they had excellent reviews. What was sad was that not one of our denomination’s churches showed up in the top ten (to be fair, if we put the name of the denomination in the search terms, we saw plenty), but if someone was a completely unchurched person, they’d probably have made the same choice we did. Rock City was a great church, don’t get me wrong. But we’re guessing, you’d like YOUR church to show up on that first search page. Or on the top of a Facebook search. This week, market guru Beth Hammock will join Drs. Kris and Bill and share the best practices of how you can get your church found online.