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Church Turnaround A to Z

It’s been said that the only thing more difficult that starting a new church from scratch is to turn around an existing church. However, rekindling growth in a church that’s been in decline or on a plateau is one of the most important – and most needed – ministries of all time: More than 85 percent of US churches are slowly dying. In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris speak with Kyle Ermoian, the author of the upcoming book Church Turnaround A to Z about some of the keys to reviving a congregation.

The Small Church Workbook

“God must love the small church because there are so many of them.” 

But God loves large churches and house churches and mega churches too. But the churches that God loves best are those that are disciple-making factories. Those churches that don’t just take care of the flock, but raise up faithful disciples who are busy making new disciples.

This workbook will help you lead your church into faithful disciple making. And when you do that, you just naturally begin to grow.

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