September 17, 2019

Building a Culture of Trust

Faithful growing churches have a culture of trust that permeates virtually everything. When you trust your pastors, your committee or team leaders, and the membership, ministry decisions can be made when they’re needed and lives can be moved, touched, and inspired at the point of maximum impact. In this episode, Drs. Kris and Bill will look at how a church can build that kind of trust.

Church Staffing for Significant Growth

Whether you’re talking volunteer or thinking paid, congregational "staff" is a must. Join Drs. Kris and Bill for insights and information that will help you staff for significant growth.

Apprenticing Leaders

Leaders are not meant to serve in the same place eternally (or even indefinitely). Without apprentices, congregations miss out on continuity and the quality that can come from trained leaders. Whether you agree or disagree that a leader cannot be a leader if s/he is not apprenticing at least one other person, join Drs. Bill and […]

Recruiting and Training Volunteer Leaders

Good, effective leaders come by neither default nor begging. Effective ministries can be effected only when we pray, recruit, and follow through with training. Drs. Kris and Bill share tips and tools for both recruiting and training potential leaders.    [product-description productid=”1814″] [product-title productid=”1814″], [product-price productid=”1814″] 

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