September 17, 2019

Making Course Corrections

Making Course Corrections It’s been said that churches have a life cycle from birth to death. That’s hard to dispute in a nation that’s expected to close 150,000 churches in the next decade … and with 41 churches closing every day, it’s hard to argue. Though it may be too late for some churches to […]

Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days (or Less!)

Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days (or Less!) Effective pastors of growing churches do things differently than other pastors, and their churches do things differently. But it doesn’t end there. Not only do they do things differently, they do different things than others. In this episode, Bill Tenny-Brittian interviews Paul Borden who wrote […]

Strategies For Getting Out of the Office

Strategies For Getting Out of the Office For years we’ve been advising church leaders that if they want to grow their churches, they have to get out of the office. And yet the number one question we get is, “How?” and the second most asked question is, “Where do I go?” In this episode Drs. […]

From Here to There – The Third Transition in the Church Transformation Journey

From Here to There: The Final Third. There are three distinct segments of church transformation. During the final third the Promised Land is finally in sight, but that’s when the status quo feels especially challenged. In this episode, Drs. Kris and Bill offer thoughts on how to reach the goal in church transformation. (part three of a three part series)

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