Strategies For Getting Out of the Office

Get Out of the OfficeStrategies For Getting Out of the Office
For years we’ve been advising church leaders that if they want to grow their churches, they have to get out of the office. And yet the number one question we get is, “How?” and the second most asked question is, “Where do I go?” In this episode Drs. Kris and Bill offer practical suggestions for getting out there and making connections in the world outside the office.


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Strategies For Getting Out of the Office 

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Length: 33:17

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I play vids often, but why do these stop so much and make it real difficult to listen to. I’m not real high tech so any ideas?

Church Hosts

The issue is that most of our videos are uploaded with very high resolution and so with those who have lower bandwidth options, they may tend to jump a bit. One workaround is to pause the video for a time and let the video buffer longer before continuing to pay it.

We are also considering uploading the files to YouTube … doing so would compress the videos to a more playable format. However, we are working around the logistics and ramifications of such a move and haven’t made a decision yet.

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