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What To Do When ... You Have No Visitors

The power of vision. Every leadership guru reminds us (constantly) that Proverbs says that without vision the people will perish. Great words, but what does that really mean and if it’s true, then how can church leaders put the power of vision to work? This week, Drs. Kris and Bill explore the power of vision, how to find it, and implement it. 

The Membership Covenant

The Membership Covenant: And Why Churches Need One The keystone to both avoiding and resolving church conflicts is the development, adoption, and implementation of a Membership Covenant, sometimes known as Expected Behaviors. We’ve called the Membership Covenant the Missing Link Read more…

What To Do When ... Your Church is Dying

What To Do When … Your Church is Dying It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but sometimes all the prayers in the world will not resuscitate the dying nor resurrect the dead. Churches have a life cycle and closing its Read more…

What To Do When ... Your Church Has a Bully

What To Do When … Your Church has a Bully (or Terrorist) Middle School isn’t the only place where bullies terrorize almost everyone they meet. Believe it or not, many churches have a bully or two that no one seems Read more…

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